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Tree Service Work

Each tree service job is tailored to the individual client from
one tree to clearing an area of trees

Timber appraisals are free

  • Include written estimate
    • and minimum dollar value of what you would receive
  • . All work is covered by
    • written contract
    • certificate of insurance
    • along with a reference list

A customer hired Kimball to split 2 cut up trees

Here's Another of Our Tree Service Jobs

Money For Your Trees was contracted to cut down two oak trees
interfering with the power line, drive way and garden expansion.
The customer saved money by using the trees for firewood and doing the branch clean up themselves

Trees to be harvested

Two oak trees on right of drive to be harvested for driveway, power line interference and garden expansion

Another view of the trees

Another view of the
same two trees

Oak tree felled

Oak on right felled from
stump using wedges


Ben in tree

Ben works his way up the tree, cutting as he climbs

Ben in tree


After the work

Ben topped up the tree.
and the 25 foot base was pulled over safely away from drive, power line and existing garden

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