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Our Truck

Firewood delivery truck



Kimball is currently custom cutting
Seasoned & Semi Seasoned wood to your specifications.
Greenwood is always available.
Seasoned wood $235.00 per cord 128 cu.ft.
$330.00 1.5 cords 192 cu.ft.
2 cord load $440.00 per 256 cu.ft.
Semi Seasoned wood $210.00 per cord, $300.00 1.5 cords,
2 cord loads $400.00
$180.00 per cord, 1.5 cord $270.00, 2 cord load $360.00

Kimball is currently cutting firewood in the
Brimfield area

There are reduced prices for the Brimfield area

Call 508.335.8042 or email for more information

Here Kimball was cutting firewood on Winchendon town land

Skid Steer

The Skid Steer moves wood toward splitter/conveyor & it will be cut to requested lengths before splitting



Tri-axle load of tree length firewood ready for delivery

Log Splitter

Firewood is split by splitter,
falls onto conveyor and
goes up and into truck


128 cu feet of seasoned ash


Outdoor furnance wood and tri axle grapple loads available also


Firewood & Outdoor Wood Furnace

Kimball Bucking Wood

Kimball cuts your wood
to your specified length

Expensive Equipment

(follow the white arrows above to see my equipment)
Think wood is expensive?
Try paying for this equipment at a cheaper price!



Tops get utilized for firewood


Supervisor Gunner

Gunner Supervising Tracy


Supervisor in Training

Supervisor in Training

Three Cords of Wood
in this Pile
3 Cords

"Bee Tree"

"Bee Tree"

Landowner: "What are you going to do with this tree?"
Kimball: "That's a bee tree"
Landowner: "I don't see any bees."
Kimball: "The tree is going to be there when I'm done cutting."

Got Wood?Wood Is Good

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