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Buying Timber

  • Not sure of your boundaries?
  • Our company finds and takes full responsibility for the line work
    • marking boundaries and trees
    • filing a state cutting plan
  • The state forester inspects and approves the cutting plan.
  • The property owner is paid a deposit upon signing and in full before harvesting

Timber has been purchased from the City of Gardner's Golf Course
This also helps maintain trees around the course.

The City of Gardner Golf Course logging job was completed March/April 2011
The City's objective was to reduce shade and leaves and
to increase air flow along the course

Gunner Inspects Road

Gunner inspects the tailings, seed and mulch hay that stabilizes the log loading access road


Log Loading Area, After

The log loading area after logs and firewood
have been trucked away

Completed Job

The completed job
Only stumps and smallest branches remain on site from the cut trees

Stumps & Small Branches

Stumps & Small Branches


Finished Job
The finished job, leaving only stumps and smallest branches

The beginning of the job on the City of Gardner Golf Course, March 2011

Boundry Marked

The boundaries are marked first


Boundry Marked

Boundary demarcation with flagging

Tree Marked

Trees to be cut are marked
with paint at chest height
and on the stump


Billy starts the wedge cut



The feller then makes the back cut


Timber !! Billy makes his way to a
safe spot away from the falling oak

Loading the logs

Loading Logs

22 foot tree length firewood,
approximately 80 pieces to a load


Loading Logs

Hardwood tree tops to be
cut into firewood

Loading Logs

Mature oak logs



Skidder pulls hitch of logs to landing,
Tree length firewood in right front,
Tree top branches in back


Loading Logs

Skidder pushes logs into a pile

Loading Logs

A hitch of logs / bucked up logs behind

Loading Logs

Loading Logs

Billy bucks logs to length /
firewood truck, conveyor,
firewood and log pile
in background

Loading Logs

Bill loads oak logs

The Trees are then pulled to landing ( where trucks load logs and firewood) with grapple skidder

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